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Pizza and Noodles - April 26th, 2009

Ello, ello! Man, I haven't published anything in a while. I've just been resting up, but I'll be starting to sift through my older pics later this week. Onto my post...

The weather called for a sunny and warm day, on April 26th. My friend and I had already planned to go out on a shooting adventure regardless of the weather. It so happend that the weather was going to be nice. The plan for the day was to walk around and shoot, try and locate a restaurant, then eat an early dinner before doing a bit more photographing.

I was looking for a restaurant called Sushi Island on College Street, cause that was the location of a dinner party later that week. My friend, Jackie, and I walked down College Street after getting off from the street car (that came from Spadina Station). As we were walking, we noticed that there were a lot of smaller businesses located on College. From little restaurants, to photography studios, to coffee shops, to clothing stores, to bookstores. The only names that we recognized were Starbucks and Shopppers Drugmart. lol. In a way, it reminded me of Westboro in Ottawa, except better cause Little Italy was near College.

We walked for a good 10 mins before we started getting hunrgy. We still had no sightings of Sushi Island. We walked another block before deciding what we wanted. I was craving Librettos pizza still and it didn't help that we walked past a couple of pizza places already. So that was it. We were going to have pizza, but where? We didn't really see any pizza places as we kept on walking, so we just dropped in Cafe Diplomatico on the corner of College and Clinton Street. Jackie and I sat outside, since it was so sunny out. We shared a medium pizza, since she had been craving a pizza with bacon ever since our little adventure to Librettos, where they didn't use Canadian bacon. She was quite disappointed that she couldn't add bacon to her pizza at Libretto.

We both had overpriced glasses of Coke to drink. When the drinks arrived, we were kinda shocked because the glasses were small. I asked if we had free refills but the lady said no. Wow. Shitty. (Just wanted to let you guys know.)

The thin bacon pizza arrived. It looked decent. Nothing to rave about. It would satisfy both of our cravings.As you can see, the pizza was served on a thin metal pizza pan. As we ate on the patio, the pizza cool really quickly.But when the pizza just arrived, the cheese was still oozy. The pizza was standard fare; the sauce was alright, the bacon was bacon, and the cheese was fine. It was a decent bar pizza. It was a great snack.

After we had our snack, we paid the bill, crossed the road and spent an hour or so in the bookstore before heading back towards Chinatown.

On our way back to Spadina, we took our time shooting some frames and taking in the sites. These moose were located beside the firehouse.

Here's the church across the street. I over sharpened this a bit too much, but other than that, I like this picture.

Playing with depth of view.
Since it was my last weekend in Toronto, I had to have my noodles. To the Gourmet House of blah blah blah restaurant! Jackie had never had either of these dishes so I was naturally excited to see her reaction. If she hated it, then we'd just order stuff she'd like and I'd just have the two dishes all to myself (bwahahaaa!).
Since we already had a snack/late lunch a couple of hours before this, we didn't have enough stomach space to come close to finishing these two dishes. We got them wrapped up and enjoyed them later.
I had to get home earlier, as I had an exam the following day. Jackie and I headed home after dinner. It was too dark to take any pictures, since neither of us brought our tripods.

While we waited for another train to arrive (everyone had to get off the train at Royal York or Old Mill station for some reason), we took a walk upstairs to see if there was anything interesting. There wasn't much. By the time we started to head back down to hop on the sub, we heard it leaving. Bored and kind of energetic, we weaved in and out of some pillars and then did some pacing at the Royal York stop (or was it Old Mill?). So if you did happen to see the two girls weaving and pacing at the station; that would be us. Heh.

Oh, last thing. I wanted to give a shout out to one of the guys that shared our table at the House of Gourmet. Hope you like the blog! ^__^.


Cafe Diplomatico
594 College Street
Toronto, ON

House of Gourmet
484 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON

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